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Solution Integration

Solution Integration

Our solution architect has the capacity in developing ICT blueprints and solutions to fulfill our clients’ business requirements and organizations’ objectives.

At the same time, our solution engineer helps clients to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to achieve specific business needs.

Features and Benefits

Key Features
Our Core Competencies
Approach and Methodologies

NTT MSC Provides Effective and Efficient Business/IoT Solutions in the Competitive Business Environment

We Cater for:

IT Outsourcing Needs

A Broad Range of
IT Outsourcing Needs

Network Integration


Daily Maintenance



Data Center

Managed Services


We exercise the "agile approach" that will transform organizations to have fast responses in rapid market conditions and develop alert to business growth opportunities not limited in Malaysia but globally.

Our Turn-Key Solutions include


Private Cloud

Managed Services

Managed Services




 XaaS, etc


Data Center

Comprehensive Turn-key Services of Your Choice


Integrated Operations Center

Managed Services

In addition to ICT operations and monitoring, we also focus on outcomes and holistic solutions that support digital transformation across the business and IT operations. Our managed services team bring about completely transformational journeys for our customers, by partnering with our customers to provide absolute visibility and control throughout the journey whilst bringing that transformation to fruition. Along with that, we enhance total value by improving IT operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience via automation, AI or machine  learning approach.

Data Center Outsourcing Services

This is a wide range of data center services/solutions for all customer needs under one roof. Along with an innovative transformation of design and operational know-how, coupled with complex expertise and hands-on experience on daily data center operations, NTT MSC succeeds to generate immense value to our customers, through the planning, design, implementation and management of facilities as well as infrastructure of the data center.

ICT Consulting

NTT MSC enables digital transformation through solution integration, development of ICT blueprint, ICT landscape enrichment and implementation approaches.

Cloud Services

Hosted Private Cloud

Private Cloud


Cloud Deployment

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Backup as a
Service (BaaS)/
Disaster Recovery
as a Service (DRaaS)

Cloud Migration

 Cloud Migration

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

IoT/Big Data

NTT MSC's IoT system is supported by our own private network and private cloud services to offer highly secured and reliable services. We do so by transforming customer’s data into rich visuals in which raw data has been collected, filtered, organized into critical information templates that will ease decision making processes.

Network Solutions

NTT MSC supports global businesses with the latest technologies, example SDN, L7 DDOS, NFV, SD-WAN and express routes that provide reliable cloud network seamlessly available worldwide. We simplify day to day network operation services by leveraging modular IT and automation processes from network edge to data center and cloud. These solutions will ultimately accelerate the speed of digital growth while reducing risk, complexity and cost for our customers' businesses.

NTT MSC’s Pool of Technology Expertise

Solution Architects

Solution Architects to
Produce Tailor-made

High Quality Services

Competent Engineers to
Deliver High Quality

Service Team

Service Team to Take
Responsibility in Business
Needs and Resources

NTT MSC solution services offer technology driven solutions and re-engineer business models to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.

NTT MSC Solution Delivery Framework



NTT MSC is a Business Growth Enabler to Help Boost Your Business



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