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Social Responsibility

Communications Solution Provider

Social responsibility has long been a part of NTT MSC's values.

Through its business activities, NTT MSC aspires to make each community a rich society simply by improving communications between people.

As a communications solution provider, NTT MSC is in a good position to
fulfil such social responsibility.

NTT MSC's activities are as follows:

  • Collaboration on new product development
  • Support for ICT industry
  • Multimedia scholarship foundation
  • Support for Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Project
  • Participation in International Advisory Panel (IAP)
  • Internship program
  • Information Technology/ Human Resource (IT/HR) seminars


Collaboration on New Product Development

NTT MSC's focus is not only on the commercial aspects of Internet Service Provider (ISP) operations. It also serves as a test bed and technology bridge for next-generation multimedia and IT services as well as applications developed by NTT MSC and NTT Communications.

NTT MSC aims to explore a full range of applications from public service oriented to applications that will hopefully transform the structure of businesses in Malaysia and the region. NTT MSC has been working on the new technology, IPv6 since 1998 and is actively involved in the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) IPv6 Working Group. In addition to that, it has established joint research activities with numerous local universities and institutions of higher learning.

NTT MSC together with Maxis Communications and Jaring formed the My6 service provider initiative in 2003. This initiative has grown to include other service providers such as Telekom Malaysia, TT dotCom, AtlasOne and Celcom. The aim of this collaboration is for service providers to establish a joint IPv6 network interconnectivity for conducting production level trials and exploring the next generation IP (Internet Protocol) services in Malaysia. Members collaborate to leverage on each member's strength and expertise to establish a native IPv6 network platform for purposes of future development and promotion of IPv6. NTT MSC has contributed to this collaboration via technology transfer of this protocol in terms of IPv6 addressing policies, training, network design, and the supply of IPv6 enabled devices.

Support for ICT Industry

NTT MSC provides local Application Service Provider (ASP) network operators, affordable IP connectivity and offers a wide range of services such as IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack services, telco independent network access, and increased service support via its Global IP Network (GIN) services. Together with the single autonomous system (AS) network design, local network operators can offer customers high quality Internet access.

With GIN network owned by NTT MSC, it helps local ASP network operators to reduce initial capital and operational expenditure on network design via multiple links to provide 100 percent resiliency to all connected clients. Through the GIN network, licensed ASPs can offer services other than Internet access, such as voice over IP (VoIP) and messaging services.

On top of that, local ASPs can leverage on NTT MSC and NTT Communications IP technological advancements to offer next-generation IP services. This movement will not only help increase awareness of the importance of ICT but also promotes ICT industry growth and development in Malaysia.

Multimedia Scholarship Foundation

The Multimedia Scholarship Foundation (MSF) was set up by NTT MSC together with NTT Corporation, NTT Data Corporation, NTT Urban Development Corporation and NTT Leasing (currently NTT Finance). The main objective is to develop knowledgeable workers and to contribute to the growth of the ICT industry in Malaysia.

Through the foundation, NTT MSC currently assists Multimedia University (MMU) in the following areas:

  • On-the-job research training
  • Scholarship program
  • Sponsorship of lecturers
  • Advice on educational programs, academic policies and training
  • Multimedia private learning system
  • Collaborative research and development activities

Scholarship Program

The objectives and contributions of MSF are as follows:

a) To receive and administer donations for establishing and maintaining scholarship, financial support, exhibition, prize and other education reward for the benefit of the needy irrespective of race, religion or creed for MMU, local universities, colleges, schools and institutions of higher learning for the purpose of fostering, developing and improving education.
b) To sponsor lecturers and professors to advance education and training to the students of MMU.
c) To provide academic, library, cultural, sports, accommodations, health and other facilities and services, to hold and organize lectures, classes, seminars, courses, meetings, exhibitions and examinations.
d) To carry out advisory activities and planning on educational program and academic policy of MMU and to carry out research and development and any other works in relation to the development of the educational program conduct in MMU.
e) To provide technical assistance to MMU, to sponsor advice and to provide training to the technician in MMU.
f) To pay all costs, charges and expenses incurred or sustained in or about the promotion and establishment of MSF.

Support for Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Project

NTT MSC and NTT Group have actively participated in the MSC Project. NTT MSC contributed in establishing and developing the MSC Master Plan and the concept of flagship applications. The MSC Master Plan comprises of the fundamental design of the high reliability broadband network infrastructure and the roll-out plan of IT business environments, including the Property Protection and Cyber Laws.

NTT MSC has given its support since 1996, when former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed invited the NTT Group to participate in the MSC project. NTT Group was impressed with the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir's vision to achieve a highly developed nation by shifting emphasis from manufacturing to knowledge intensive industries.

Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Project

For the MSC Flagship Applications, the NTT Group has worked in various capacities as follows:

a) Electronic Government project with the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Planning Unit (MAMPU)
b) Multi-purpose smart cards with Bank Negara
c) Smart School project with the Ministry of Education
d) Telemedicine implementations with the Ministry of Health

* The work carried out on these projects by the specialist teams from the NTT GROUP and NTT MSC, has become the policy blueprint for MSC Flagship Applications. In addition, NTT MSC has seconded staff to be based at the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) to provide advice on building communications infrastructure and to support Japanese investment in Malaysia, particularly in the MSC.

Participation in International Advisory Panel (IAP)

The NTT Group has been an active and strong supporter of the MSC. It participated in the annual International Advisory Panel (IAP) meeting in Malaysia. The former President and CEO of the NTT Com Group, Mr. Suzuki has personally attended most of the IAP meetings and provided valuable advice and support to the Panel and MSC objectives.

Internship Program

NTT MSC offers internship program for IT students from colleges and universities to undergo their industrial training. Student can submit their application to the Human Resources department to undergo their internship program with duration ranging from three to six months. All the trainees are provided with hands-on IT related training and given the opportunity to experience the actual operations.

Information Technology/Human Resource (IT/HR) Seminars

NTT MSC together with Overseas Vocational Training Association (OVTA) in cooperation with Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan has organized the Asia Pacific Economics Corporation (APEC) IT/HRM Seminar since year 2002. The seminar is fully sponsored by the two ministries.

This complimentary yearly seminar is organized with the aim to increase IT awareness among Malaysians. Various distinguished speakers from the industry as well as academic background are invited to share their knowledge and findings with the participants. The program objectives are to provide an understanding of the influence of applying IT to business and management as well as to create awareness of the roles of IT.

Information Technology/Human Resource (IT/HR) Seminars

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