Data Center

Global data center services and solutions from NTT Communications provide highly reliable and secure environments to ensure business continuity.

Nexcenter, the next generation data center service from NTT Communications, provides world-class quality and full support.

Service Availability and Uptime are key concerns when customers choose to outsource their data management and communication systems to a Data Center operator. In NTT MSC, High Availability is our top priority for both data center and network services. At NTT MSC, we combined state-of the-art facilities and global IP network in order to host customer's network and system equipment in a reliable platform and secured environment.

NTT MSC’s Beyond Cloud is a hybrid cloud service that provides cloud resources with rapid elasticity. Gain access to premium features such as load balancing, backup and encryption operated on our Tier 3 data center that is ISO27001 certified and PCIDSS compliant.

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